Extradition Order have a new album about Kennedy – it's not self-reflective, about our troubled youth, or who we love or hate.

It is about power. It’s about real people in powerful places, how they got that power and how they used it.

Should you want to own a copy - and we sure hope you do - then you can buy it at our friendly label, Jezus Factory.

It also includes probably the only disco anthem about Lyndon Johnson’s failed attempt to win the 1960 democratic nomination. Produced by Ian Button (Death in Vegas / Thrashing Doves), Kennedy is pop songs about history.

Extradition Order’s previous records have included our thoughts on failure and our thoughts on revenge. Their first record was Since the Bomb Dropped.

The Sunday Times have called us a remarkable band.

For more information on Extradition Order or shows and so on please email the band.